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FB Submersible pump - FB6SE/22 + 6F40 6'' - Bronze

FB Submersible pump - FB6SE/22 + 6F40 6'' - Bronze

6'' FB Bronze mixed-flow submersible pump for clean water - FB6SE/22 - DN150 - Maximum Flow Rate 917 l/min - H(m) 66 - Motor to couple 6F40 - 40HP - Quote on request

6” pumps mixed-flow type, range FB6S, are for clean water for 6” wells DN 150.

This pumps have mixed-flow impellers with diffusers combined on each stage. They may be chosen when high capacity and medium-low head are needed.


- irrigation, water supply system, pressure boosting and fire-fighting systems
- sea water
- brackish water

- bronze GCuSn10 (B10) impellers
- bronze GCuSn10 (B10) delivery bowl
- bronze GCuSn10 (B10) pump body
- bronze GCuSn10 (B10) non-return valve
- stainless steel AISI 316 shaft
- stainless steel AISI 316 cable cover
- stainless steel AISI 316 suction strainer
- stainless steel AISI 316 nuts, bolts and screws

- maximum capacity: 1417 l/m
- maximum head: 401 meters
- maximum power: 45 Kw
- maximum encumbrance diameter: 150 mm (cable cover included)
- maximum water temperature: 60°C (only for the pump, for the motor see motors’ catalogue)
- maximum sand content: 100 g/m3



» Pump data sheet - Dimensions and weights – Performance curve

 » Motor to couple

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FB FB6SE Submersible pump


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